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Organometallic Chemistry Laboratory
for the Design of Catalysts & Therapeutics 

Group news

July 2020


We are very proud of Golara Golbaghi who got a mention of excellence for both her thesis and her defense!

Août 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Mehdi HaghdoostGolara Golbaghi, Juliette Guard, Sarah Sielanczyk and our collaborator Prof. Kessen Patten for their contribution to the Dalton Transactions paper which was just accepted for publication! 

January  2019

Congratulations to Golara Golbaghi for getting her 

paper accepted in ACS

Organometallics! Special thanks to Dr. Mehdi Haghdoost and our collaborators for their contribution to that study.

Congratulations to Anissa Brahami for getting her paper accepted in Methods and Protocols! This is the first paper from 

a project with Prof. Éric Déziel on the discovery of new antimicrobials using functional 


May 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Mehdi Haghdoost for getting his paper accepted in Inorganic Chemistry! Special thanks to Golara Golbaghi and Juliette Guard for their contribution to that study.


March 2018

Congratulations to Golara Golbaghi for being selected for a Travel Award (Bourse de Congrès Pharmaqam)!

May 2017


We received our mBraun glovebox. Yay!

May 2017

Congratulations to Anissa Brahami for representing INRS at the "finale nationale of Ma thèse en 180 secondes".

November 2016


Congratulations to Anissa Brahami for winning the best poster award at the BiSP ("Bactériologie Intégrative: Symbiose & Pathogénèse") conference!


June 2016


Congratulations to Amal Thamri for winning a poster award at the CSC Conference!

February 2016


The Castonguay group will soon get some equipment (CFI - Canada Foundation for Innovation)!


July 2015


Welcome to Golara Golbaghi (Ph.D. student) and Mehdi Haghdoost (Postdoctoral Associate).


June 2015


Congratulations to Amal Thamri, Anissa Brahami and Golara Golbaghi  for receiving a Scholarship of Excellence from the Armand-Frappier Foundation of INRS University


Congratulations to Yuting Feng who was accepted into the M.Sc. program at University of Geneva with a full scholarship!


May 2015


There are currently two Ph.D. student positions available (start: Fall or Winter 2015).


April 2015


Welcome to Fatoumia Ali who will spend the summer with us.


March 2015


An inorganic chemist is soon joining the group as a Ph.D. student. We are all excited to work with you Golara Golbaghi.


January 2015


Ahmed Shabana and Hala El Asmy, we are going to miss you - good luck with the thesis!


September 2014


Welcome to the group Amal Thamri!


August 2014


Anissa Brahami is joining the group for a Ph.D. thesis - welcome back Anissa!


May 2014


Congratulations to Margaret Lu who was awarded a NSERC Research Scholarship this summer!


Yuting Feng was awarded the Fondation Armand-Frappier COREALIS Scholarship this summer - congratulations!



Our multidisciplinary research team investigates topics at the interface of


Chemistry & Biology








Thank you CFI
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New lab
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